B I D I I Y E T U 2 0 2 3



My names Baveesha Naran, I’m a mountain biker, vitiligo ambassador, founder of Love Authentic & Entrepreneur. I started cycling 10 years ago and little did I know it would change my life in this incredible way. Cycling is my stabiliser, my heart, my soul, my meditation.

I love technical and endurance mountain biking. The more time on the bike the better.

My recent adventures have been Tankwa Trek, Wine2 Whales, Attakwas , Barberton MTB & Race to the Sun.

Through Love Authentic I’m involved in a cycling development program for kids to get them away from devices, to grow their love for the sport & promote an active lifestyle. Love Authentic currently has over 300 people who wear our cycling kit to raise awareness for vitiligo.

Bidii Yetu is a promotion of self love and expression hence the possibility of joining the mission was a dream since the day I heard about this incredible journey.

I’m excited to help this entire team get to Mozambique to successfully complete the mission. Greatness is achieved when we're all one.