Day 13

Zelda’s Game Lodge to Charles Hill

We left Zelda’s Game Lodge straight after breakfast at around 0830. It was once again flat to the border, the border crossings were the highlight of the day. We all had our passports ready. Service was excellent, and processes were efficient. Once we crossed into Botswana, Franco, our driver, left us to return to Namibia and Senzo joined us. Franko was a great addition to the theme, he’ll be missed. Senzo will be with us till the end. We rode to Charles Hill and met Steven. He directed us to his home. We camped in his yard for the evening. This was our first camp out and being in someone’s backyard, with neighbors all around, was quite daunting. Water was limited. A young lady, who cleans at a ministry, came to visit. She lives with a disability, and she shared her journey and listened to Olaf and Jay’s stories. Our Botswana colleagues were driving in from Gaborone, 700 km away and hadn’t arrived by the time we went to bed.

Day 14

Charles Hill – Riana’s Jungle Light Camp


The Botswana riders drove all of Wednesday to join us. When we woke up, they were there to meet us. What a beautiful moment as we met Mpho Thapelo Matsietsa, Thuso Rasetapa Snr, Boiki Motsaathebe, Gofaone Lesetedi, Bonang Kekgathetse, Edward Dhliwayo and Keemenao Matale.

After our breakfast, we headed to the council to meet the Deputy chief and locals at 0830. Here we heard that the Chief himself also lives with a disability and was excited to host us. The Botswana police also arrived to escort us to our destination.

Around 0900 Jay did a rider briefing,explaining the cycling rules and how we’ll communicate with each.

We set off from Charles Hill at 0915.

At 1030 – was our first quick break on road, we refueled and topped up our water.

The Botswana riders came with 3 bikes, and the 5 hand cyclists riders will rotate usage as we cross Botswana, they’ll be with us from the beginning to the end.

They also came with an able bodied mechanic. From Team Botswana Gofaone. Thuso, Bonang rode for portions of the day and Keemenao, the mechanic, rode the entire day.

Today Constable Gosebaka Outule and Moswantasi Kelebogile from Charles hill and Constable Modisaotsile and inspector Kejele from Karlfontein escorted us on the route.

We arrived at Riana’s Jungle Light Camp around 4, set up our Tents, and waited the Team Botswana vehicle to arrive with their bags and tents. In the mean time Charles organised coffee and tea for all, the rest of us showered and got ready for dinner. When the Botswana teams vehicles arrived , they setup their tents and we were all ready for bed.


Day 15

Riana’s Jungle Light Camp – Bushcamp 1

Breakfast was scrambled eggs and vegetable curry. Now catering numbers have gone up to 13 people. Even though Epic Enabled have their work cut out for them, they continue to politely serve and help. Thank you Epic Enabled.

We got ready and left at 0830. Constable Modisaotsile and Inspector Kejele from Karlfontein were their waiting for us at 0830. From Team Botswana Mpho, Boiki Gofaone started riding. They swapped out at lunch and Thuso rode after lunch.

On this day we practiced signally, making our intentions known, whether we where passing left or right. As the group got bigger, signally was critical to prevent accidents. Marcy also highlighted that when we were pushing or bumping, we should never be 3 in a row so we left some margin for error.

We eventually reached a T Junction and turned south to Kang. The left side of our bodies will appreciate the change as it has taken a lot of sun!