B I D I I Y E T U 2 0 2 3


Marcy Kelley

I started biking at 6 years old with a green Schwinn. Since then, I have ridden road bikes, hybrids, and gravel bikes. As a bike commuter, I rode about twenty miles a day, one hundred miles a week, four hundred miles a month for almost 4,500 miles a year over 10 years. I have ridden from El Paso, Texas to St. Augustine, Florida and from Redmond, Washington to Anchorage, Alaska, camping along the way. I have also pedaled Ohio from south to north, and most recently Manhattan to Montreal, Quebec. I lived in Africa for seven years and look forward to the challenge of riding Bidii Yetu and, as an able-bodied cyclist, pitching in as necessary to get my adaptive cyclist colleagues across the finish line. I am 67 years old with three children and a daughter-in-law and a very supportive partner. I have ridden more than 11,000 miles since I retired in December 2020.