B I D I I Y E T U 2 0 2 3


Vusi Marenene

My name is Vusi Marenene I’m currently 42 years of age. I live in South Africa in the Western Province in a small town called Oudtshoorn. I am married with three kids.

I’m a police officer by occupation, currently working as a trainer, my job is the training new police recruits. but in all that I love physical fitness and sports and the sport that I love his cycling. I’ve been cycling for the last 10 years doing both the discipline of Rd and mountain bike cycling. ever since I started cycling I’ve enjoyed the freedom of being out there on my bike and the chills and the speed that goes along with cycling.

But on the 10th of February 2023 I had an accident I was hit by a car while I was training on my mountain bike, the accident left me paralyzed from the chest down. I injured my neck On the cervical vertebrae six and seven and I was hospitalized for almost three months. so I’ve been on rehab recovery now and I’ve been doing my training and everything has been coming and going in the correct direction. I am learning to be independent and I’m starting to do cycling again but now handcycling which I enjoy very much

Why am I interested in bidii Yetu 2023 it's because it’s a challenge that’s is very huge and definitely one of the most difficult things that I will have to do as a cyclist I’m interested in this challenge because of the magnitude of it and how much it will provide me as a participant. The challenge will also test me as a disabled person my limits Physically and mentally I’m interested in this challenge because it's something that has never been done before and I will be very happy to be one of the people that will take on this challenge.

What are my biggest expectations for bidii Yetu 2023 Well I’m expecting bidii Yetu provide me with necessary experience end skills that would require me to complete this challenge with some of my colleagues in the disability community with the different personalities from different backgrounds in different countries I’m expecting bidii Yetu To assist me to be a better person when it comes to handcycling.

At this moment I am currently without any concerns and very much eager to start the challenge all I can do now is to prepare as much intensively as possible hopefully my colleagues and the organizers of bidii Yetu 2023 will assist me and get me on the starting line