When I first met Hello Tractor’s CEO Jehiel Oliver, I understood Hello Tractor as ride sharing service for farms too small to own their own tractor but large enough to need access to one.  Through an app, on a smartphone in the fastest growing smart phone market in the world, Hello Tractor would link these farms to tractor owners or operators.  Perhaps there was much more than that the,n and I just could not grasp it.   They are much more than that now.  With an equipment financing product called “Pay as you go”, and a GPS monitoring product that allows tractor owners and lenders to monitor a tractor’s movement, indicate when maintenance is due, and reduce risk to lenders by giving them real-time information as to how  and how efficient the equipment is being used. Hello Tractor, is a disrupter in the farm machinery services space, bringing technology to benefit small scale farmers in developing economies around the world.  But Hello Tractor does not stop there. Jehiel is a strong disability advocate and Hello Tractor is looking for different ways to engage persons with a range of disabilities as booking agents, tractor operators, and mechanics.

When I first told Jehiel about Bidii Yetu, he immediately recognized Bidii Yetu as a disruptor of common perceptions of the differently abled. This month Hello Tractor bought a well-maintained Top End Force 3 handcycle to ship to a young South African, Vusi Manenene. , [insert photo].

Unable to join us next year but want to follow us remotely as we cross the continent? No worries, Hello Tractor will equip the Bidii Yetu squad with their tractor trackers.   You can follow us on their website or ours.

Thanks to all of you at Hello Tractor for your support of Bidii Yetu,