Bidii Yetu is group of American handcyclists training to ride across Africa in 2023. HelloTractor is Kenyan company that’s sponsoring a bike and expenses for a South African athlete to ride with them. They reached out to Inclusive Cycling International to help get the bike there. We want him to start training ASAP and he’s a quad so we asked our partners in Namibia if they’d lend him one of their quad friendly bikes while the new one is customized and shipped. They enthusiasticly brought it to him at the OCC – Outeniqua Wheelchair Challenge where they were competing this weekend. Less than 2 weeks from talking about it and Vusi went for his first handcycle ride. Sharing the stoke. That’s what it’s ALL about.

NPC Namibia, @Jean-Paul Schmidt,@mitchdewaldt, Top End Wheelchairs